There is nothing I wouldn’t do…no matter how dirty or how hard

My name is Tammie and I am the type of woman, who over the years, is open to a variety of experiences. Youth breeds insecurity and fear – and I have neither of those things when it comes to pleasing a man I am dating. I take the time to listen to your needs and wants, all while sharing with you creative ways to explore those needs and wants.

My body is the epitome of an hour-glass shape. As you caress my body from head to toe, you can’t help but make a few stops along the way – from my voluptuous chest, that gives way to my flat and toned stomach, all the way down to the firm, rounded shape of my ass. My body is a temple and you are there to worship it properly.

I appreciate the time you make to be in my company. You are being stretched too thin between your work, family and friends, that you need this time with me to unwind and be a real man. When we are together, you have my full attention to relieve your stresses and to be properly taken care of.

When I am not in your company, I can be found lying by the pool to ensure my skin maintains a glowing, olive tone. Working out is a part of my daily routine so that I have enough energy to keep up with you, and the physical demands you can place on my tender body.

I am the type of woman who can easily transition from that classy lady that you can walk arm in arm with, to the devilish woman who brings you kinky pleasure to remember. I can captivate all of your senses from my piercing green eyes, to my stimulating conversation, to the memorable scent of my long, brunette hair, to the way my skin leaves a lasting taste on your tongue, to the way my legs feel wrapped around you.

I look forward to showing you how “There is nothing I wouldn’t do…no matter how dirty or how hard”



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