My name is Riley and I am a sensitive girl. Ever since I can remember I could get wet in minutes of playing with myself. This makes my job of being an escort that much harder. No matter how slow or hard a man goes with me, I will find myself Dreaming multiple times in a single night.
After having more experiences with men I began to realize that they have a wonderful time with me as I bite into pillows, moan, and quiver with a wonderful passion between my legs. It’s made for very happy men and I am glad that I offer them the opportunity to be with a woman as excitable as me. I also have a great frame, weighing only 125 pounds with a height of five feet and six inches.

What’s ironic about me is that a lot of my friends call me a “huntress” because they think that I scout for men. However, I think myself more as the hunted. I get a lot of attention from men and with the simplest responses from me I end up on my back getting pounded. Living in such a lively way has made me look at love, relationships, and other things in a new light. It’s taught me that I am not what others think of me. I am who I discover myself to be.

Lately I have been a naughty girl that makes the dreams of powerful men like your’s come true. I have been a girl that’s here simply because she craves the intense rush of having her hair pulled back as she gets her ass filled. With luscious blonde hair and brown eyes like mine, it’s hard not to be so kinky.

What sets me apart from my friends is that I am not afraid or ashamed to get on my knees and do anything that a man wants me to do. I am here to please, not to beat around the push and play the little head games a lot of women enjoy. When there is so much to be taken, like my tight pussy, why wait around and do other things when you could be doing me?

Let’s get together for a night in town and I’ll show you all the right places to grab. I’ll make sure that the moments you spend with me are positive
and inspiring. Don’t try to call me out and just use me for your needs. Call me out with the intent of learning something from me. After all, I know a lot of positions and have been through a lot in my life. I can help guide you through sensual experiences and leave you with more to ponder than just my naked body.

Once we spend time together, I hope that we get a chance to spend time together again. I am 26
years old and am envious of men that end up calling younger and inexperienced girls to please them. I want to give you such a great time that you’ll know you won’t be able to get it again without seeing me and my busty 34B breast.

If you’re into blondes than I know you’ll like me, and I hope that not another minute goes by that you don’t pick up the phone and set up a date. I am lonely waiting here for you and I would rather be out taking everything you’ve got deep inside me than writing about myself.



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