My name is Red and you should come meet me! I am a stunning redheaded woman with a perfect figure and blue eyes. I am only 5’3 tall and weigh 114 pounds, making me the right choice for Las Vegas activities inside and outside of the bedroom!

If you’re looking for a naughty woman that can fulfill your desires, then you don’t need to look any further than my 32C breast. I love dancing around and showing them off, and I know that will often lead to more. When it comes to sexual experiences I am not shy to please you and myself at the same time.

I wouldn’t be happy in my life if I couldn’t express and fulfill my daily sexual drive. This career is perfect or me because I get as much sensual stimulation as I need. Otherwise I would feel like I’m not having fun or experiencing enough.

I am only 22 years old and have been working as an escort since my freshman year of college. Although my friends have always encouraged me to be a model because of my bubbly personality and shining skin, it’s never interested me. I like the idea of meeting a man and jumping on without wasting any time. And I love the idea of spending time with a man that enjoys every second I give him attention. Why sit around without moving for hours as a photographer gets photos of me, when he could get so much more?

Are you the man I’ve been waiting to show me a good time? Then why spend the rest of the night alone in your room when we could be out having a great time together? Why don’t you give me a call, because I know there’s no reason not to. I absolutely love to meet new people and experience surprises. If you also enjoy surprises then you will be more than happy with me. I want to pleasantly surprise you and make sure that you never forget my name.

I just want you to know that there is a certain level of experimentation I will go to, and then I am not interested. Just because I am a redhead doesn’t mean that I am bisexual for example. I only want to have a one man show where I can please you fully, and I don’t have a desire to be with other women.

If we meet more than one time privately I will be able to take what we did last time and completely change it so that we’re not doing the same thing again and again. I like making sure that my sexual positions and ideas are always being changed and kept fresh. So that means that you really have to give me a call and experience me for yourself. I want to see how much we like each other and how much fun we will have going forward.

Some of my most incredible qualities include being spontaneous and having a sweet voice. I know that men can’t get enough of my voice because previous boyfriends have sat and listened to me all night love on our dates. It might be my wonderful accent that turns them on so much, but I just know that my voice leaves people mesmerized.



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