My name is Racey and if we get a chance to meet you’ll see why it’s so fitting for me. With my silky black hair, shining lips, and seductive body your heart will quickly begin to pace. But don’t worry, I’m here to make sure that your heart is filled with warmth and that all of your stresses are released. It will beat faster than normal but it will also beat with pleasure.

Trust me when I say that I know how to get your attention. If we go out for the night or attend an event, you’ll surely be dazzled by my sexy outfit and makeup. I will continue to hold your attention and tease you because soon enough you will be the one holding me, in your arms, as we both ride each other into a deep ecstasy. What? You think that’s too much? Welcome to Las Vegas, baby!

With a name like Racey you will soon come to realize that I am your go-to Las Vegas ebony escort. I am straight-forward and will get to the point, which is often my 32dd perky breasts that are ready for your pleasure. My clothes will come off as soon as you want them to and we’ll get to a sexy strip tease that will leave you breathless.

I am a sexy 5’4” vixen that will not rest until your 100% satisfaction has been achieved. To set a fun session like this up, just give my agency a call in advance:702-900-0006.

When it comes to my body, the best way I can describe it is open and full of radiant energy. I’m a sensual person and you can definitely tell by how I carry myself. I know how to work my body and I’m especially wonderful at teasing you with spectacular combinations that you only see in the movies and on magazines. And as much as I love my body, I want you to love it too! It is simply succulent and desperate for your touch.

Aside from having fun at night and barhopping I also enjoy watching new movies at the theatre, reading, and shopping. My personality is spontaneous and quick to respond, whether it be with a witty thought or a racy suggestion. Don’t be surprised if I show off my beautiful body in the best ways imaginable long before the fun begins. Whether it’s by leaning my curvaceous body against you when we’re grabbing a drink, or teasing you with my feet under the table as we enjoy each other’s company.

You’ll find that not only am I a very professional Las Vegas ebony escort, I’m also very open for fun in whatever way it presents itself. My skin is soft and ready for kissing and my breasts are luscious and ready to be lavished. Everything about me is an embodiment of passion ready to flow open for us to both be a part of, and happy, together. I promise you that our session will be fun and leave you wanting more exotic fun. Whether you have any questions or are looking to check availability, it’s always best to call 702-900-0006.



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