I love to be there for you in anyway that your heart desires. My name is Ophila but you’ll soon learn that it can be whatever you want it to be. Innocent secretary, aggressive teacher, and “mommy,” are all names and roles I can fit into in the blink of an eye.

I can’t wait for us to meet so that I can show you just how passionate I am about happily fulfilling your fantasies and dreams. No matter what costume you want me to wear or fetish to join in on, you can always rest assured that I will be non-judgmental and open. I’m a very professional, topnotch Las Vegas luxury escort and when we’re together I want to give you the freedom of a lifetime so that you can find pleasure in my sexy web of lust.

I can accompany you to just about any event you have in mind, whether it be a corporate night-out with your friends or a night of barhopping in downtown Las Vegas followed by one-on-one fun. My eyes, smile, and curvy body will entertain you, tease you, and please you all night long. This is your chance to experience what may possibly be the top night of your life.

What we’ll be able to together is limitless. I look forward to meeting you and seeing how you and I accompany each other. Until then you’ll have to base your impression of me off of my bio and photos, which I think is quite limited.

Why not call up my agency and setup a session in as early as an hour or two? Or call in advance to make sure that I’ll be available for an event that you have in mind? Their number is 702-900-0006. I’ll be waiting for them to update me with the time we’re meeting. Make sure to mention to them if you want me to wear a costume or play out a certain role from the moment that we meet!

In addition to being 23 years old and having an endless amount of youthful energy, I also have a great body that’s perfect for anything. I stand 5’4” and have 34d breasts which makes me a petite bite of heaven. If you’re ready to experience a wild session solely based off of your own wildest dreams, then I am the perfect Las Vegas luxury escort for your needs. I offer a seductive body, years of experience, and a warmth that simply can’t be matched by anyone else.

I’m quite the accommodating young lady and I can assure you I’m willing to go overboard in order to cater to your every need and desire, especially since I was brought up in a way to respect and honor a gentleman properly. My touch and company will easily make any man feel like a king. And every time you’re with me, you’ll get the pleasure you so rightfully deserve.

After all, you work hard and with me it’s time to unwind and play. Remember that you’re in Vegas as well. What you do in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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