Hi, my name is Misty and I love traveling. I’ve been all over the world and have lived in places such as London, Paris, and Bangkok. In my past life, I was a movie researcher who had the chance to travel and learn about people to know how to best portray certain roles.

For the last year of my journalistic career, my life revolved around meeting escorts and learning about their life. The funny thing is that the more I heard, the more interested I became. Eventually I got around to trying escorting for myself as an independent girl in London. It was much different than anything I’ve ever experienced, because it let me be so free. Since then I’ve been intoxicated with escorting and I’ve moved back to my hometown of Las Vegas to do that I enjoy so
much more than anything I’ve done before.

What I like so much about it is the ability to start over every day. If I try something new and I don’t like it one day, I don’t have to continue it the next. When I was in my journalistic career I had to suffer the consequences of decisions for weeks, if not months or years. As an escort, I get to live in the moment and leave all regrets behind.

I hope you are intrigued by my background and respect my decisions. I can tell you all about my experiences around the world when we meet, but for now I want you to look at my photos as well and figure out if I’m the right woman for you.

I have black hair and brown eyes that you’ll love from the moment you see me. I’m 126 pounds, 5’6, and have a large 38C-26-38 bust. And I am also 25 years old, which means that I’m experienced and can please you in many ways.

I’m sure that you’ll like spending time with me, especially if you’re into ebony women. My only request is that you don’t ask me to marry you. You’d be surprised at how many marriage proposals I get, even though when it’s clear that I am not yet ready to settle down. At this point in my life I just want to be a wild girl and live out the exotic lifestyle I was meant to live. I am very interested in having more dates with you and experiencing different things, but unless I state it myself it’s always best to assume that I’m not interested in a long-term commitment.

I think it’s hard to know where the line is drawn, especially if a girlfriend experience is requested. Just know that not all girlfriends end up being your wife, and be alright with it. Besides, when you get to spend time with me you get a much better service than with any other woman. You get to have your sexual and sensual needs met, all without having to worry if your girlfriend will leave you or if they’re going to end up not being loyal.

I’m a fun girl to spend time with, and we should leave it at that. There’s plenty of adult fun we could have, and I make for a perfect mistress. Give me a call and let’s see just how much of my adventure you want to get yourself into!



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