Hi there! My name is Kellis and I am the greatest companion you will ever set your magnificent eyes on! I’ve got an unbelievable personality that will make it easy for us to enjoy a night out in one of the world’s craziest cities. And if a bubbly and cute personality doesn’t turn you on, then I’ve got a few other great features that you’ll love.

There’s my model body which weighs 120 pounds, my brunette hair which men adore, along with my 34B bust that will leave you gasping for breath. I’ve also got lovely brown eyes which you can passionately stare into as you give me the experience of a lifetime. Not to mention that I’m 5’5, which makes me a petite beauty by all standards. Did I mention I’m only 24 years old?

If you’ve got high standards and want the services that an elite escort like me can provide, then you should give me a call! I can be naughty when you want me to, and I can also be on my best behavior if you want to take me out to a party or corporate event.

I’ve also got great curves and a natural ability to dazzle. Anyone that sees you with me around your arm will wonder how powerful of a man you must be to get a girl like me. I know I’ve got that effect on people, and I want you to take advantage of it. You can introduce me as your girlfriend and be confident that I’ve got the professional skills which allow me to convince anyone that I am truly yours.

When you’re with me all you have to remember is that there’s no limit to what we can do. I would absolutely hate to disappoint you in anyway. If there’s something that you would enjoy me doing, just let me know and I’ll get right to it!

I hope it’s not a problem for you that I’m so easy to listen and please! I’ve had previous boyfriends who’ve told me that I’m no fun because I’m always so horny. I hope you don’t feel that way just because I’m very open about my sexual drive and cravings. However, if you ever want to feel like you must chase me, let me know beforehand so that I can come prepared.

As an elite escort, I will be able to cater to any desire you may have. It’s always best to let me know ahead of time so that way our time together can be spontaneous and exactly what you want at the time. Now that you’ve read more about me and you know that you found the perfect girl for your needs, there’s no excuse not to give me a call.

I’m serious about giving you everything you need tonight. And I am serious about appreciating you taking the time to look at my photos. I am curious how you will return that appreciation and hope you make a carefree decision. Give me a call and let’s hook up! Life is too short to sit around having wishful fantasies when you could be sitting around having me instead!



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