Hi! I’m Juliet 23 years old and I’m excited to meet you. This city has so much in store for everyone and it’s always been a pleasure for me to explore. When it comes to my body it’s easy to tell that your session will be accompanied by a bombshell, but the photos are only part of the story.

I’ve been called an intriguingly mysterious Las Vegas redhead escort and I’m available for out-calls that I promise you are full of sexy welcomed surprises. I’m curvaceous and genuinely friendly with an impressive 34dd cleavage that appeals to admirers of buxom redheads. My services extend to classy gentlemen, ladies, and couples with the desire of adventure.

No matter how much of my clothes I strip off of me there’s always a high-end of class and sophistication that makes you take a step back and admire my elegance. My face is a center point of brilliance and you can tell that I take great care of myself. In fact, one of my favorite pastimes is getting my nails done. Whether it’s a French nail design as in my photos on this page, or elegant strip designs, my nails are always on point as is the rest of my personality which strives for perfection.

The amount of grace with which I carry myself is intoxicating, so much that you’ll feel a bit unbalanced as you see me walking across to you fully naked. And it’s definitely fine to sink back by this point and let me get to pleasing you with my audacious skills.

As our session goes on, you’ll notice that it gets hotter and hotter while I continue to show off my enticing body and advancing sex positions. Such an amount of pleasure in a quick time can be overwhelming but you don’t have to worry. I have plenty of stamina for a second round and even that will get more intense.

Just looking into your eyes with the intensity that I have will be enough to make your jaw drop and breath pause. It’s quite a sight looking into the eyes of a perfect doll like me and knowing that I’m all your’s.

I could explain further how it feels, but it would be much easier to show you. The best way would be to setup a session in advance by calling 702-900-0006. But you call to see if I am available in an hour or two as well.

One of the things I enjoy most about myself is my ability to be myself, at all times. I’m not the kind of girl that likes to sit still. So whether we’re out enjoying drinks or in bed you’ll be sure to find me keeping up the fun by teasing you, flirting, or dancing. It’s hard not to enjoy life when play is always right around the corner.

If you’ve been looking for a classy Las Vegas redhead escort with vast experience and a desire to please, then look no further. I am a luxurious woman that is ready to comfortably accompany you, no matter what the event might entail. If you’re ready to call and set it up you can also use the form below to book a fun time with me.



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