Beauty comes with age! My name is Ilana, and I’ve got more than a few tricks up my sleeve that will leave you wanting more! I also have beautiful grey eyes that will leave you mesmerized and perfect 36c breasts.

My face and figure resembles more of a European beauty rather than the average American gal you might find in a bar. In addition to the uniqueness of my body, I am also 39 years old so I have a tremendous amount of experience and confidence in being a Las Vegas escort.

If you’re looking for the full girlfriend experience, then you should definitely book a session by calling Las Vegas Escort Babes at 702-900-0006. I can fit any situation that you throw at me, whether it is a night out followed by cuddling or a party that requires exotic dances. Over the years I have gained a lot of skill when it comes to pleasing others in relationships and sensually. I am ready to show you those skills in hot and steamy sessions that will redefine your idea of pleasure.

In addition to my people knowledge, I am well-educated and can keep up virtually any conversation. In fact, I am one of the best escorts in Las Vegas for corporate events. I can pull off a wife, girlfriend, or friend role very well which is hard for others not to get jealous over. It’s in my nature to dress in tight clothing that shows off my delicate curves.

My wardrobe is a collection of high-end lingerie, stockings, night dresses, high heels, and risqué lace clothing. You’ll be sure to love every part of me from head to toe. I can promise that when we spend time together, your pleasure is my top priority and I will do everything to make sure that you are fully satisfied.

One of my favorite activities is one on one soapy baths. They are extremely invigorating and are sure to leave both of us recharged. Although we may end up messier when we get out of the shower than when we entered… But that’s what naughtiness entails, and I am full of energy waiting to be let out all over you.

I am essentially the girl that will make everything feel better for you than it ever has before. If only we were together right now, I would be able to let you feel exactly what I mean. There’s a limitation to the amount of describing that photos and text can accomplish in explaining why I’m the perfect Las Vegas blonde escort for you. I like to let the actions and pleasure speak for itself. After you and I engage in a hot and steamy session, no words will be necessary to describe the unforgettable experiences that I offer.

If you are overworked and over-stressed, give us a call at 702-900-0006 and ask for me. I will be sure to help you release all of the stress that you may be experiencing and set you off for the week happy and ready for anything. And it’s that effect that I have on people that I absolutely love about myself.

It is a gift to be able to make others so happy and I want to share that gift with you.



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