My name is Gia and I’m just the beautiful Las Vegas brunette escort you need. My body is breathtaking, my personality is upbeat, and I’m full of energy just waiting for you to experience.

I was once a full-time student but today I channel my skills in a much more personal way than academia. As a bombshell 27-year-old I have 32c perky breasts and divine curves that would be put to waste doing anything else than making sure than others are happy.

When I head out to you I have nothing in mind but our upcoming pleasure.

My brunette locks flow around my shoulders, contrasting strikingly against my blue eyes and deviant smile. And my face, it says it all. I want you. I don’t want some un-polite man who can’t treat a girl right. I want a man that I will be proud to accompany through the city, casinos, and fun barhopping nights. I want a man that I will lust for in bed and one that will leave me waiting for him once more.

If you’re that kind of gentleman, then I am ready for you. Book an Appointment and we could start our session in as early as two hours. I will give you a tip though: it’s best to call ahead to make sure that I’m available and ready for whatever your needs may be. Keeping up my figure takes a lot of work, so it’s likely that I could be out in the gym or shopping if you don’t call in advance. The last thing I’d want is for us to have to meet any later than necessary.

Let’s setup a night that we can head into town together, a night in which I can drive you crazy with my body and then satisfy you to your heart’s content. If you want us to just meet for a quick session, that works as well. In the end I am happy if you are. But I can promise you that I provide a full girlfriend experience like no other brunette escort in Las Vegas.

I know how to strip tease, lower my body, and gracefully pounce on your tiger in a way that will charge us both with energy. Watch me as my breasts jiggle and fantasize about the work that you will put into me. Then let that fantasy become a reality. What? You didn’t think you could go all the way?

With me, you can definitely go all the way. It’s exactly what I want. For us to have a little bit of fun and for you to catch a glimmer of my naughty nature within your eyes. I dare you to come to me, I dare you to come close and have me in every way imaginable. Let’s see where the night takes us. What are you waiting for? Book a session today by calling 702-900-0006. I am ready to bring you an experience that you won’t forget, full of passionate and steamy activities that will redefine your idea of adult entertainment in Las Vegas.



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