My name is Fernanda and I love to play in the shower. That’s one of the things we can do when we’re together no matter what the night entails. Having wet fun is essentially one of my signature traits. It leaves us both clean in a naughty way and it’s the perfect way to go to bed or wake up, depending on the time of our session.

But I don’t want to just shower with you. I want to show off my body with you, as well as my skilled dancing moves. My experience in dancing makes me a perfect Las Vegas Latina escort for shows. Whether you’re looking for a bachelor party show or a one-on-one strip tease, I can definitely deliver great results. I have a lot of energy though so you can expect that when we’re together a dance will turn into much more.

Imagine how good you will feel with my breasts sliding across your face as I sit down on your lap. And know how great it is that you don’t necessarily have to imagine this. We can be together in as soon as an hour or two if you call my agency at 702-900-0006. They also have a form at the bottom of the site where you can request a naughty session with me.

When it comes to my body, as you can tell from the photos I am well-endowed with large breasts. They happen to be 36ff 😉 My hair is brunette with tones of blonde, and my complexion is a great mix as well. I’m also very petite, only 5’2’’, and quite young as well. I’m 24 years old and have a lot of playful energy that I love expressing with a polite man that knows how to take care of me.

And what I really enjoy is shopping and being fashionable. You can be 100% sure that I will have some a stunning outfit on when we meet. My wardrobe includes knee-high boots and tempting lingerie, so feel free to ask for me to wear these things for our session. If you have something else in mind you can ask my agency and we can make it happen if there’s enough time in advance.

No matter what the event requires, I will complete it so well that I can assure you I will follow you into your dreams after you fall asleep. I have curves in all of the right places and everything I wear will emphasize that. Every curve will be a pleasure for your eyes, and every touch of mine will be a pleasure for your body.

My touch will be methodic, whether it’s untying a strap on my boots or leaning onto you. I know what it takes to to beat your heart fast and with excitement. I also know what it takes to please you with a graceful charm that will leave you wanting more. What are you waiting for? My succulent breasts and perfect ass is waiting for you to stop staring and begin the sensual activities.

I also have multiple toned hair that could be viewed as the best of both worlds. Combine that with my deep honey brown eyes and my flawlessly curvy body, and you have an extraordinary exotic Las Vegas Latina escort. The gleam in my eyes hints my sense of mischief and sensuality. I’m very bubbly and friendly, with no shyness about myself as I indulge in physical contact all the while wearing a smile that a gentleman like yourself can’t resist.

So what are you waiting for? Call my agency now 702-900-0006 and you can experience me in as soon as an hour!



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