Hi! I’m Deena and I’m excited to showcase everything that I am famous for. As an Asian bombshell, I will be a real treat for your visit to Las Vegas. I am 118 pounds, 5’6, and have a 34C-24-34 bust that will be a pleasure regardless of what activities we find ourselves doing.

My favorite past time is sunbathing in my bikini, and if the weather is perfect for it I hope we can do that together. Even if we sunbathe for a little bit, I promise you it will be fun! I find that getting on the same wavelength before a session of adult entertainment is important in ensuring that you have the best time possible.

I like to start things off easy and then build up sexual tension with you so that you’ll have no option but to satisfy yourself with me in every way imaginable. Don’t be surprised by the fact that I am so open. It’s hard not to be open to such temptations when I have a luscious body that men lust after day and night.

When we meet, I will do everything that I can to help you live in the present moment. I want you to leave your regrets of the past and worries of the future behind. I want you to be in the moment of experiencing a great time with an Asian VIP escort such as myself, who is very willing to make all your dreams come true.

I’m also great at telling what someone is feeling through their body language. When we’re spending time together in your bedroom, I will never be out of sync. I can tell if you’re comfortable, turned on, or have a certain need that I can fulfill.

I am very down to earth and want to show you how much appreciation and love is inside of me. I know I can turn heads by nature, but I love to go above and beyond by being thoughtful and giving you a magical experience. Don’t be surprised when you leave Las Vegas and you have me and my luscious brown hair and eyes in your mind throughout your ride back home!

I am only 24 years old, but I have a flair for flirting and making the best outcomes possible out of any situation. In fact, my name means “the power by which the universe becomes manifest.” How exciting is that! I want to share what it’s like having so much power and I want to use that power to help you manifest great pleasures you’ve come to me for.

When you visit this city, I want you to remember that I can be your personal tour guide into a world of artistic experiences and sexual desires. My beauty gives me an advantage in helping you explore everything that this world has to offer, and I’m not just an escort with looks.

I have the brains to back up everything that you want to experience such as interesting conversations, intimate moments, and authentic entertainment. Give me a call today to learn more and have your questions answered directly by me, if I’m available.



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