My name is Dani and I am a man charmer. I hope you don’t mind this silly pun because I love to use it when introducing myself to new people! It might be silly, but it helps brighten my day and remind me that being an escort is my life’s purpose.  I used to be a bartender for a few months after turning 21, but I am now 22
and enjoy my life much more as an escort. What got me into this job is an old bartending client that offered to take me out on a date in return for a good time. Ever since then I’ve known that escorting is the way to go, especially in a big city such as Las Vegas where interesting men come all the time!

I hope you can come in Las Vegas and visit me, because I have a lot of sensual pleasures I can help you achieve on your trip here. I am 105 pounds, 5’4, and have a pair of perky 32b-23-32 breasts. I was originally born in Colombia and I know that many men find me exotic. I hope that you enjoy my complexion, along with my black hair and brown eyes. And if you’ve never had a Latina woman before, I want to be your first.

My ideal client is a man that is over thirty years old and is very mature. I want to go out on dates where I feel like I am benefiting as much as the person who invited me out. Otherwise, I think I’d be selling myself short. I know that I am intelligent, young, attractive, and fun to spend time with. I want to meet a man that matches my qualities and can have a good time, without having to worry about other things.

But if you do find yourself worrying, just tell me and I’ll do my best to help you live the rest of your nights in Las Vegas with a worry-free attitude. Luckily for you, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I can be discrete to make sure that no one knows what you’re up to when you call me to your room, and we’ll always be the only ones that are aware of our naughty secrets.

If you want to hire a Latina woman that is totally hot and smart, then you should give me a call. I will give you an experience that you will find hard to believe is possible until you try it for yourself. Just wait until you see me naked in front of you, nipples exposed, standing attentively waiting for your next request. Will you want me to bend over you and slowly move over your body as I strip tease? Or will you want to come up to me and take these to the next step?

I’m anxious to see how our night will be, and am curious what you have in mind for our time together. I know that an interesting man such as yourself must have a good time planned, and I want
you to know that I am fully invested in making your plan come together as perfectly as possible. Give me a call today and let’s put your plan into action!



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