My name is Charlie and I am stunning young woman of Chinese heritage. My mixed background makes me unique and you will notice this from the moment you lay eyes on me. I’m 22 years old, 5’4, 95 pounds, and have a petite 32b-23-30 bust that will get your heart pounding the entire time you spend with me. I also have sultry brown eyes and brown hair, which makes for a great contrast against my silky-smooth skin!

Aside from my unique appearance, I am also special because of my worldly-knowledge, optimistic perspective, and people-skills. I have grown up as an only child and was always encouraged to be as great as I can. Whether I was playing tennis competitively across the nation, or learning abroad in Europe, my parents always pushed me harder and harder to excel in whatever I do.

Since I’m used to getting pushed to my limits, I hope you’re not afraid to give me the time of my life. When we spend time together I don’t want you to hold back. I am young and energetic and I want you to know that I can match any activity you want to do with me in private.

Fortunately for you, I’m not some porcelain doll that you can break with the touch of a finger. I’m an exotic young woman that is active in every way, and can please a man in over a hundred different positions. Just wait until you see how strong my thighs are from a life of playing sports, and you’ll finally understand how talented I am when it comes to pleasing others.

If I sound enthusiastic to share my background with you and excite you, it’s because I enjoy being spoiled by a fine gentleman and experiencing everything that I can. I am inspired to do as much as I can with my time, especially when I look great at this age and haven’t started getting older.

I don’t know what scares you the most, but I am absolutely terrified of aging. I do everything I can to slow down this horrible process by being athletic, continuously training in tennis and coaching others, and releasing my sexual energy. I also eat a strict vegetarian diet to ensure that I am not putting any harmful toxins in my body. But I won’t have any trouble eating you up!

To set up a date with me all you must do is call and see if I’m available. If you’re lucky we’ll be going out in less than a few hours, and you’ll be experiencing the very best adult entertainment that the world has to offer! I can’t wait to see you so that I can run my exotic skin across your body and see how excited you get in return!

And if you’re interested in giving me a call because you’re into massages, please note that I am not a professional masseuse. I love to make men feel good and release tension, and I’m good at making sure that your night ends with a happy experience. Just don’t expect for me to come with heating rocks or acupuncture needles!

Not all Asians are professional masseuses… If there’s something else I can do for you, please let me know by giving me a call so that I can get ready for you ahead of time.



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