Hi, my name is Bethany and I am a very curvaceous 5’4’’ woman that loves to have fun. I have a dark and exotic complexion but I will be sure to light up your world in a vivid way.

I love my city and being a Las Vegas ebony escort, however, I would rather be at the beach anytime of the year. It’s easy to enjoy the sun here but it’s much easier to enjoy it next to the ocean with a drink in my hand. When I’m not dreaming about the coast you can find me shopping and as dorky as it might sound, watching the news. I’m very intrigued with worldly events and how our future will unroll so it just makes sense to stay up to date with it all.

I also enjoy listening to great music. At the moment I would say that I’m really into EDM and rap music, but I enjoy mostly anything that has a good melody.

Aside from my engaging personality and music tastes you’ll find that there’s much more to me. There’s my perky 32c breasts for one, as well as my seductively beckoning face. Actually scratch that. Everything about me is seductively beckoning: from the way you’ll see my hips curve from behind and even my amble breasts. Everything about me beckons you to come forward and have a little piece of the action.

I’d love to give you a good time and show you exactly what I mean. Not to mention that I just got some new lingerie I’d like to showcase for you. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, call my agency and set up a session via 702-900-0006.

Once we meet I know you won’t be able to take your eyes off me. And you won’t have to. Let yourself completely unwind in the beauty that I hold. Slip off my panties, and bra. Ask me to keep on my lacy boots. Whatever you want really. Because after all, your wish is my command.

If that sounds like a slippery slope of naughtiness, then you’re definitely right. Being in the same room with me completely naked will lead to all sorts of fine ass entertainment: quite literally too…

If there was two words that describe me they would be sexy and temptress. There’s just something about me that lets me express my inner animal nature better than any of the other women I’ve ever met, and it’s definitely a benefit in bed. I’m sure you’ll love how much of an exotic experience you’ll have with me, especially after a long and hard day of work. You’ll want to have another hard experience but one that ends with you relaxed instead of more stressed.

So let’s go on a ride into the jungle and figure out just what we are capable of. I think that we all have good sides and naughty sides. When you’re with a perfect and ravenous Las Vegas ebony escort like myself, you’ll have the best blend of naughty goodness fun imaginable.



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