My name is and I’m 26 years old. I’m one of the most mature escorts you’ll find through our agency and I’m proud to offer such an experienced service. When you call me out for a date, you can be sure that it will go over perfectly with your full satisfaction being my priority every step of the way.

I have been an escort for the past two years and enjoy every minute of it. My favorite part about it is meeting new men who consistently think I am much younger than I am. It boosts my spirits when I hear guesses that are closer to me being a teenager than a MILF!

If you’ve been looking at my photos wondering how much I weigh, you’ll be equally surprised to know that I only weigh 127 pounds. I’m also 5’6 tall and have a great 36C bust. There isn’t a single part about my body, or height, that I’m not proud of. I just hope that you like every part of me as much as I appreciate the body I was born with.

When I get downtime, I like to spend it at home playing with myself. I am busy throughout the year with modeling work, as well as traveling every other season to new countries. With it being so hard to find the time to do anything else, I like to spend it on myself every chance that I get.

However, I will always have time for you. I am happy to show off my silky skin as I stretch across your own bed, laying back ready to see what you will do next. I would absolutely love it if you got close to me at a time like that and stroked my brunette hair back against the sheets. Being a recluse and spending time playing at home is fun, but it’s not nearly as exciting as feeling your electrifying touch against me.

When we spend time together, I hope that you won’t gaze through me like other men do. Just because I am well-endowed doesn’t mean that I should be invisible! I promise you that the adult entertainment I have to provide will be much more enjoyable if you can see all of me, looking at the details of my body instead of just the details of your fantasies.

Staying in the present moment with me can be just as elusive. It can be tempting to try to spend your time memorizing our naughty experiences together, but those memories will fade just like photos. The best way to relive those experiences is to be sure to schedule a trip back to Las Vegas and call me to set up an appointment.

I only travel twice a year, but it’s always a good idea to call and see what my availability is like. I would hate to miss out on meeting you when you’re in town! Let’s coordinate so that we’re both here and ready to experience a night of delicious passion together!



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