Las Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers

If you’re the best man of an upcoming wedding or need to help setting up a bachelor party, look no further. Here at Las Vegas Escorts Babes we are dedicated to providing a bachelor and his group with the most memorable night imaginable.

All of the bachelor parties that our consultants have planned have come back with raving reviews, so we’re confident that your night will be just as unforgettable. In fact, we provide a guaranteed night of adventure. Just remember that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Whether you’re looking for a private show for your group, or an escort that will also provide one on one fun, you can trust us to select the best women for your needs. Our consultants can help you narrow down whether a party will work with just one escort, or if it would benefit from a duo that can dance and play with each other. We can also narrow down the desired interaction between our escorts and the bachelor.

The Las Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers Experience

We can collaborate with the party planner so that our escorts meet a bachelor group at a strip club or bar. While the bachelor is enjoying his night out drinking, dancing, or watching a strip show, our escorts will come forth and begin flirting. Then from there they might dance with the bachelor and interact with him. The next step is suggesting going somewhere more private.

The group can then head to a hotel room that they have rented out where the show can begin. What separates the Las Vegas Escorts Babes experience from other agencies is that for the bachelor, it’s all a surprise. It’s not about sitting down and watching a women strip. It’s about a nightlong experience that begins with a flirting and teasing, and then eventually it leads to an erotic private strip show.

Whether or not the party planner shares with the group that their company was a stripper or escort is up to them. But one thing is for sure, flirting, teasing, and stripping will make for an interesting party.

Everything from what the stripper will look like, to what how they will perform throughout the night can be hand-picked by you or our consultants. Just be clear on whether any adult play between our escorts and the bachelor will be desired so that we can make the proper accommodations.


Our bachelor party strippers are well trained to carry out many types of fantasies from bondage to other fetishes. They can use ties and other cloth to tie down a bachelor to a chair playfully as they grind against his lap and tease him to the end of the world. If a bachelor friend goes off for a one-on-one show to their own hotel room, the escort can fully carry out a fantasy.

What’s a Duo Strip Tease Like?

If you hire two escorts for a strip tease they will come fully dressed in costumes, ready to begin their show of seduction. At first they will dance, touch the bachelor lightly, and lap dance. Then they will strip together, helping each other get naked. From there, depending on the event, they may begin to kiss, eat whipped cream off of each other, and even use toys.

It’s a truly breathtaking experience to watch two professional entertainers expose themselves at the same time. If there’s one way to liven a party in Vegas, it’s with two escorts that strip with each other and make the bachelor’s jaw drop in awe.

The Benefit of Hiring Escorts Over Strippers

Escorts have a lot of experience with men and can tailor to their very needs. If a bachelor party has single friends, they may want their very own escort that will entice and treat them one-on-one.

Planning a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

It’s always a good idea to arrange for strippers in Las Vegas a few weeks in advance. This ensures that they will be available on your desired date and that everything will be set in place for an amazing night. We can also cater to on-demand needs, but we cannot guarantee availability. To learn more about our escorts or to setup a night of fun, give us a call: 702-518-7463 today.

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