How much does a session with an escort generally cost?
That completely depends on how long you plan on booking your escort for and what escort you’re specifically booking. Generally, our enticing ladies start from $400 and up, and depending on what you’re reserving them for (bachelor party, social events, one-on-one sessions) the prices may vary as well.

There is also no straight across price for all our escorts because our ladies are the ones creating their own prices. What one girl may cost for a night out may be completely different than another girl’s price. For a more specific answer it’s best to call us at (702) 900-0006 or fill out our Contact Us form to send us an email so we can assist you in sorting out the expenses.

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept cash as well as bitcoin. Cash transactions will be privately between you and your escort of choice upon your meeting with her. Bitcoin is described as a decentralized digital currency and its payment system is used completely over the Internet.
For further questions or explanations on bitcoin currency, please contact us at 702-900-0006 to see if this particular transaction of money is right for you.

Do you accept credit cards at all?
Generally, no. We prefer cash and bitcoin because of the privacy they both entail. Additionally, bitcoin fees are paid completely by the purchaser and not the vendor, unlike credit cards. This ensures us that the payment is as legitimate as a cash transaction.

How long should I book my escort for?
Usually girls are booked between two-three hours, some are reserved for just an hour and others are booked overnight. It really depends on why you’re booking your escort. Are you booking one just to have a gorgeous lady on your arm during a social or business event? If so, then reserve her as long as you believe the event will be. If you’re looking for a more intimate one-on-one date then we encourage you to book her for as long as you’d generally take any woman out on for a date. If you’re reserving an escort for a bachelor party, we suggest you book them for more than an hour so everyone, and mostly you, can enjoy her company to the fullest extreme.

Can I book more than one escort at a time?
Absolutely! We encourage it! We know how much fun our girls can be so why not add even more entertainment to the equation? We have a few ladies that actually prefer being booked at the same time because they know they work their best and to their fullest potential at pleasing and dazzling you when they’re together.

Can I talk to the escort(s) before our session?
Unfortunately no. All our ladies have very busy schedules and prefer to have us deal with all everything that has to do with booking reservations. If you have a particular request then we will communicate everything you need to our girls.

Do I have be a Nevada resident to use your services?
No, you definitely do not. We know Las Vegas is a destination city filled with many fantasies and we couldn’t possibly keep our ladies to just our locals here. In fact, many of our clients are traveling businessmen and when they come to this town for business or relaxation, we want to provide them with the means to fully enjoy this city and the woman of their choice. Many of our clients book our gorgeous ladies for accompaniment to corporate events or for personal company whenever they’re on a short or long visit here, and our girls are more than happy to oblige them with their services. Contact us today if you’re planning on visiting soon and we can set up the vacation (or business) trip of your dreams!

Can I request anything? (massages, outfits, role-play)
Yes, we actually prefer you to be as specific as you can with your needs when you contact us to book a reservation with one of our ladies. If you have particular needs or desires, it’s best to book your woman of choice in advance. We relay all your requests to your lovely escort to ensure she is fully prepared with whatever you desire of her and her services. It’s also best to let us know if you plan on taking her to a business or social event so she can wear the appropriate attire, know her role with you (a friend, spouse, etc), and if she’s giving you a massage and needs to bring oils and creams or service you with anything else.

I’m trying to be discreet with hiring an escort. Is this possible?
Yes it absolutely is. Please let us know beforehand if you wish our services to you to be completely discreet and what areas (if you have any) you prefer to avoid if you decide to take one of our girls out and about. We want to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible and we can assure you if you’re trying to be discreet, we will do everything to our best abilities to uphold your privacy.

Is it legal to hire an escort in Las Vegas?
As of now, escorts are legal in Las Vegas, Nevada, but it’s always best to check on the Nevada Law to verify. We also like to remind you that we are a legal business and we provide you with services of companionship and beautiful entertainers. Anything else that could occur is completely between two legal consenting adults and resulting actions are not affiliated with our business in any way.